Sweet Chat with Micaela Hoo

Sweet Chat with Micaela Hoo

Meet Micaela Hoo, the Co-founder of Drifter Organics, an organic + vegan skincare company that believes that nature looks good on you (and on your shelf).

What role does CBD + cannabis play in your life?

I’m naturally a Type A, high strung person. I also have a lot of chronic illnesses, so anxiety and heightened nerves just run in my blood lol. I love using CBD to calm down when I need to take a deep breath and relaaaaax.

What does the ultimate unwind look like for you?

I’m an extroverted introvert meaning I recharge my battery by being alone. I love losing myself in a podcast or audiobook while going on a long walk or watching a movie and having an early night in bed.

Can you share a tip for staying calm + present?

Try not to worry. I once heard that worry is a down payment on a problem you may never have. It’s 1,000% not worth it.

What’s one thing you do daily for your mental health?

I have mantras I repeat to myself throughout the day. Maybe I’m weird but I have this continual internal dialogue between myself and my intuition. I talk to myself like a friend and a mentor. It keeps me grounded and sane when I get overwhelmed. Some of my favorite mantras include, “Everything’s gonna be okay,” “The only way out is through,” and “It’ll all work out in the end.”

What does a life well-lived mean to you?

Doing what you love, having enough, and feeling comfortable and content.

Five things making your life sweet this summer...


1. A good ol' Rom-Com

There is something so soothing to me about a nostalgic, light-hearted, cheesy rom-com with wit, humor, and beautiful costume design.


2. The LA sunshine

I moved to LA from the Bay Area a few months ago and I just adore the vibe of Southern California. I love warm weather, sunshine, the beach, the desert, palm trees, and mid century design. There are so many areas to explore around here, it keeps me perpetually inspired.


3. Decorating my new home

It’s taken a few months, but I’m almost done with the finishing touches. It makes me so happy to feel settled and call a place “home”.


4. Working on Drifter Organics

It’s the organic, vegan skincare company I run with my mom. We’re still in the side hustle start-up phase, but our ultimate goal is to make the leap to full-time and we’re getting there. Drifter Organics is my little business baby and working on building what we created from scratch brings me endless joy. So if you love natural skincare that is cute, rooted in nostalgia, and likes puns, check it out and spread the word (no pun intended *wink*).


5. Plum Blush!

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