Micro-chill: Box Breathing

Micro-chill: Box Breathing

A Sweet Reason micro-chill, aka a meditation that takes 5 minutes or less.⁠


Get in a comfortable position lying down on your back. Close your eyes.⁠

Take two “falling out” breaths - deep long inhales through the nose, and long loud exhales through the mouth.⁠


Begin box breathing sequence:⁠

[Breathe in through your nose for 1-2-3-4⁠

Hold your breath for 1-2-3-4⁠

Exhale lightly through your mouth for 1-2-3-4⁠

Empty out remaining breath for 1-2-3-4]⁠


Now, that's one rep. Try 10-20 reps depending on how you feel.⁠

Close out with two falling out breaths again.⁠

This will helps regulate your breath and flush out all the old, tired energy. ⁠

Out with the old and in with the new. Now, be on your way to a refreshed you.

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