Micro-chill: A breather

Micro-chill: A breather

A Sweet Reason micro-chill aka a meditation that takes 5 minutes or less.⁠⠀


Close your eyes.⁠⠀

Visualize and focus on the tension leaving your body - from your head to your toes like a river flowing, like a piece of ice melting.⁠⠀


Focus on a 5-count breath.⁠⠀

Slowly inhale from the belly.⁠⠀

Then into ribs.⁠⠀

Then into chest.⁠⠀

Up into crown of the head.⁠⠀

Then gently hold the breath for the fifth count.⁠⠀


Reverse this process on the exhale for another 5-counts.⁠⠀

Continue this for 5 minutes and thank yourself for treating your mind + body to a brief moment of calm amidst all of this chaos.

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