Interview with Priscilla Agyeman

Interview with Priscilla Agyeman

Meet Priscilla Agyeman, Founder of Saddie Baddies, a virtual sanctuary for young women of color to destigmatize mental health and initiate collective healing.

What does a typical day in the life look like for you?

Each day can look pretty different in terms of my schedule, so I try my best to go with the flow. I have 6 daily practices that help create some consistency to my fluctuating agenda, which include: stillness, movement, nourishment, laughter and love, and using my creative outlet. Drinking Sweet Reason during my evenings is a great alternative to alcohol, while providing a moment of relaxation and enjoyment to end my day. 

Why did you start using CBD? 

I started using CBD about two years ago when exploring more intentionally with different wellness products. It’s definitely a product I plan to keep using in my daily routine. 

Social Stigma or Socially Acceptable? 

It’s becoming more and more socially acceptable- which is great!


Tip for starting a business?

Stay focused on your ‘why’ and lead with intention.

What inspired you to start Saddies Baddies? 

I have experienced difficulty with my mental health in the past, and I wanted to design a digital platform that broke down the nuances of mental health awareness and education that didn’t feel so clinical. Wellness is more than how we look, it’s about a comprehensive perspective on all the aspects in our lives that make us healthy. 

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned through the process of bringing Saddies Baddies to life?

I have to take my own advice. I can’t tell my community to rest and practice self care if I’m running off fumes myself. 

We love the work you are doing around destigmatizing mental health. Normalizing and talking about mental health can sometimes seem daunting, how do you stay mission driven and positive?

In order to stay mission driven and positive, I try not to get caught up in numerical value too much. The amount of followers, likes, comments, shares, etc., don’t determine the value of my work and my mission which is to initiate collective healing for my community. I know what I create is important, sacred, accessible, and meaningful and that alone is enough for me. 


If you could inform people about one thing to help support WOC and their mental health, what would it be?

The first thing I’d say is listen to us without forming rebuttals. Far too often as women of color, especially Black women, we don’t even have the space to share how we feel without experiencing resistance as a reflex. And of course, making resources, information, and healthcare as accessible as possible is key. 

Launching a company and a calm, quiet mind usually don’t go hand in hand. What are your go-to tips to handle stress? 

When I feel stressed, I like to say it out loud and give that emotion some space. From there, I can either keep stressing out, or breathe and come up with practical next steps. The latter is what usually saves me more time and energy, so I try to go with that as much as I can. 

What is something new or interesting that you’re doing for your health or wellness these days? 

Lately, I’ve been really interested in learning more about energetic shielding, which is basically just setting boundaries but to the next level and a bit more spiritual. As someone who holds space for many people, both professionally and personally, I’m learning that self preservation is essential for what I do, and it serves both my best interest and my community’s best interest when I replenish my energy source. 

What or who inspires you?

I am literally fascinated by Black women every single day. Not a day goes by that a Black woman doesn’t impress me, uplift me, motivate me or support me. Black women are my muse. It’s magical. 


Lifestyle summed up in one sentence?

A conscious creative, a student of life, a Brooklyn adoptee. 

Mindful Tip? 

Spend the first hour of your day offline. Meditate, stretch, journal, drink some tea, shower just spend some time with yourself before you interact with the rest of the world. 

What are some of your hobbies? 

Painting, gallery and museum hopping, Korean BBQ, making plant based meals, being a plant mom. 

Best piece of advice you ever received? 

“Some people will not like the new you”- Dr. Thema on growing pains

What does success mean to you? 

Inner peace and abundance. 


Brand you love?

Movita Organics which is a Black woman-owned organic supplement company!

Early bird or night owl? 

Night owl

Life hack of all life hacks?

Pick an ‘errand’ day (to do laundry, food shopping, meal prep,etc.) during the week so you have more time during the rest of the week and weekend to focus on what’s important. 

Most played song right now?

‘Hit Different’ by Sza

Favorite current read?

All About Love by Bell Hooks

If you could grab lunch with one person, who would it be? 

Frank Ocean or Solange. Both of their music has brought me so much inspiration. 

Favorite Sweet Reason flavor?

It’s the Peach Jasmine for me!

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