Art of CBD: Mallory Page

Art of CBD: Mallory Page

Mallory Page is a New Orleans-based artist specializing in large-scale, thinly-layered monochromatic paintings.


How does CBD affect your work?

When I am stepping into my studio to work, I am first clearing my mind. I have to have the ability to be present and I am very particular about the mindset I am working in. Your emotion can easily be transferred and imprinted into a work so it is important that I arrive with an even demeanor so that there is me, the canvas, the intent and a stillness of spirit. I love CBD because it helps put my mind into a calm place that is positive. It is a great and natural way to feel connected and focused on my work while I choreograph each layer onto a canvas.

What’s your greatest source of inspiration?

I like to draw my attention to concepts such as opposition and transformation. My work is a meditation of sorts on the antagonistic impulses that define the inner conflict we experience while moving from roles in society toward a life defined by sensuality and candor. Color and and scale are major influencers in how I'm creating a spatial experience with paintings.

How is CBD a part of that?

I find that a good dose of CBD genuinely helps elevate my mood and stimulates a positive mindset. I am then working at ease with the ability to consider what I'm working in an accepting capacity. This means much less frustration, much more super flow!

How do you find your wellness, state of mind and/or mental health shapes your work?

I have a hard time painting if my current state of mind is not in a very particular place, so wellness, mental health is very important. It is also an equally intriguing interest of mine which diverts into my work often.

How do you unwind?

CBD is a unique product because I use it in the morning medicinally but, it also has the allure of being an additional "treat" at the end of the day. I can easily replace a glass of wine with a sparkling CBD water in the evening.

What’s your current obsession?

Books written for and by women in the 60s-70s.

What's your favorite Sweet Reason flavor?

Strawberry Lavender is a compelling curation of flavor profiles, I love it.

Page’s compositions employ multiple layers of monochromatic hues that cascade the canvas. Working with a delicate color palette, at first glance Page’s works appear soft, subtle, and traditionally “feminine.” Closer inspection reveals an arduous and meticulous process, in which over the course of many days, paint is both poured and applied with long, sweeping brush strokes, layer upon layer. With each composition focusing on a singular hue, Page’s work is a sophisticated study in perception, exploring how measured changes in color and light can affect shifts in visual understanding. Rendered on an imposing scale, becoming enveloping environments of their own, the works ultimately complicate what was initially perceived as delicate — compelling a powerful narrative about what it means to be an engaged female artist today.

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