Art of CBD: Amber Vittoria

Art of CBD: Amber Vittoria

Say hello to Amber Vittoria, a NYC based artist known for illustrating pieces that focus on femininity and the female form, leveraging physical traits such as overtly extended limbs and rounded features.

We asked Amber to help create a unique piece inspired by Sweet Reason entitled, “Art of CBD.” She brings balance in a bottle to life in this piece, while staying true to what inspires her most.

How did you start illustrating?

While in college for graphic design, I started to realize that majority of my works were heavily illustrative, that I was drawn to the illustrations used for advertising and editorial, and that when I graduated, I’d work to become a full-time illustrator.

What's your greatest source of inspiration?

Women in my life, women I pass by out in the world, and women I read about all inspire my work.

Why do you focus so heavily on femininity and the female form?

Having gone to college for art, visiting many museums, and then working in advertising, I felt that I could hardly relate to how women were depicted in both art and advertising. From there, I began to make work to which I could relate.

How does CBD affect your work?

CBD eases the physical tension I carry in my back, neck, and legs, enabling me to become more comfortable while working.

How did CBD/Sweet Reason inspire this piece in particular?

"Art of CBD" is inspired by both the aesthetics of the beautiful light linework of Sweet Reason, and the overall effects I feel after drinking a bottle - more relaxed, at ease, and clear-headed.

How do you get out of a creative rut?

My go-to’s are going for a walk, watching an episode of my favorite show (right now it is Fleabag), or drawing in my sketchbook while on the phone with my parents.

What does CBD lend to your practice? 

It gives me a physical release of tension, making exploring new ideas in my work a bit less challenging.

How do you find your wellness, state of mind and/or mental health shapes your work? 

When I’m clear-headed, I am able to experiment and question my work in such a positive way. When I’m feeling a bit tired or down, my work can often take on those qualities as well.

What motivates you every single day?

Right now I’m working from Los Angeles for a few weeks, so the sunshine. But back in New York, the energy of the city keeps me motivated.

What is your perspective on social media and how it impacts your art or how your art is seen/found?

Instagram has been an incredible tool in sharing my work directly with people, brands, and potential clients; with that said, it can definitely affect my self-esteem, so I am to view it solely as a tool to connect with others.

What is the role of art in your life?

Art is the best way I can communicate my thoughts and feelings.

How do you find balance?

Taking breaks, allowing myself to do things outside of art, allow me to feel a bit more balanced.

Favorite quote?

I go through favorites as time passes, but someone recently said to me, “You don’t need to monetize all of your hobbies,” and I loved it. I often forget that not everything has to go towards financially supporting myself. I love to run outside, but that is something I can do for me and don’t need to document/share/capitalize off of it to survive.

Current obsession:

Fleabag, I can’t wait for season 3!!

Mantra of the moment:

Don’t forget to breathe!

Best place to escape NYC in the city:

Any of the beaches in the summer!

Top of your January playlist:

Listen here!

Favorite place to travel:

Shanghai and Los Angeles are both sunny, warm, and have tons to do.

Favorite Sweet Reason flavor:

Grapefruit, it’s delicious.

Amber Vittoria is an artist working in New York City. Her pieces focus on femininity and the female form, leveraging physical traits such as overtly extended limbs and rounded features. Amber is a Forbes 30 Under 30 Recipient, One Club Young Gun, Society of Illustrators Gold Medalist, American Illustration Chosen Winner, AOI World Illustration Shortlisted Artist, and ADC Annual Award Winner. Her work has been recognized by Print Magazine, It’s Nice That, Computer Arts, HuffPost, Teen Vogue, and Man Repeller. Some of her clients include Facebook, Warby Parker, The New York Times, NBC, Google, K-Swiss, Refinery29, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Condé Nast, Adidas, and Snapchat.

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