Sweet Chat with Carina Chazanas

Sweet Chat with Carina Chazanas

Meet Carina Chazanas, Founder of DedCool, a clean fragrance brand, changing the way we view, and shop for fragrance with their line of Uni-Sex, non-troxic scents with a naturally chic edge.

What does a typical day in the life look like for you? How does it include CBD?

A typical day in my “lock down” life consists of working, hiking, eating, sleeping. I wish there was more but I do feel grateful to be working and have some normalcy in my life. As for Sweet Reason, why yes, it does! I love the Plum Blush. 

Social Stigma or Socially Acceptable?

1000% Socially Acceptable!

Tip for starting a business?

This is a marathon, not a race.

What inspired you to start Ded Cool? 

DedCool started as a passion project. I wanted to make non-toxic scents for myself to share with friends. I made a “vibes” page and the rest is history. It’s quite interesting starting a business from your passion- it forsure has its ups and its downs


What’s the most important thing you’ve learned through the process of bringing Ded Cool to life?

Things don’t happen overnight. We get caught up in this “instant” world and we forget good things come to those who wait. 

They say smell is so associated with memories. What’s your favorite smell memory?

I love the smell of wet grass! This takes me back to my childhood. Scent is the strongest of all our senses and it's wild how scent can take you back to a time and place.

100% UNI-SEX + VEGAN + NON TOXIC- why was this so important to what makes Ded Cool, Ded Cool?

I was raised in a “hippy dippy” Los Angeles household. With that, I live a holistic lifestyle (resisted from my parents of course as all young kids do) and by my early adult years, I started to embrace a more plant based life. The foundation of DedCool stems from my roots and is meant to emulate myself as a brand founder. 

Favorite moment or memory in building Ded Cool?

Launching in Barneys NY in 2018 :) 

Launching a company and a calm, quiet mind usually don’t go hand in hand. What were your go-to tips to handle stress? 

That is very true, they don’t go hand in hand- Ha. My tip, take lots of baths and find the time to disconnect (something I am still working on)


What does unwinding look like for you? 

Being “bad” at my phone and either hiking or taking the time to journal (this is a new quarantine activity)

Mantra of the moment: 

Ground yourself and breeeeeeath 

Lifestyle summed up in one sentence: 

Work, Hike, Eat, Sleep & Repeat. (quarantine edition)

Mindful Tip? 

Put yourself first! 

Favorite way to relax:

Venturing out to the farmers market- no clue why but buying food brings me so much joy. 

What are some of your hobbies? 

Traveling (post pandemic), hiking, cooking, fragrance - making, drawing, interiors & DedCool (can that still be a hobby?) & Plants (I have 27 currently in my apt)

What does success mean to you? 

I am still trying to figure that out :) Will let you know. 


Brand you love?


Currently inspired by?

The moon- can that be one? 

Life hack of all life hacks? 

Have a clean space! Your mind will be a lot more free (at least for me)

Most played song right now?

Hold On - Video Age

Favorite current read?

I can’t stop reading the news for the life of me (weight of the world issues) so the LA times.

If you could grab lunch with one person, who would it be?

My bestie, Waverley (she’s in NYC)

Favorite Sweet Reason flavor?

Plum Blush 

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