Microchill: Let it go

Microchill: Let it go

Say hello to this week's micro chill (aka a five-minute or less meditation) ⁠⁠

Let it go, let it go


1. Lie down and keep your chin up

Lie down + stretch your arms out to the side of your body in a 'T' formation and slightly lift up your chin to the ceiling. This position opens up your chest and neck where we hold a lot of our tension.⁠⁠

2. Focus on your breathing + settle in

Settle into the present moment. Take several deep breaths, and pay attention to how the breath is moving in and out of your body.⁠⁠

3. Allow your eyes, forehead and jaw to soften

Melt away tensions you might be holding, and focus on the now.⁠⁠

4. Shift mouth breathing to nose breathing

Transition your breath into a deep inhale through your nose and as you exhale through your nose make the exhale twice as long as your inhale.⁠⁠

5. Introduce the 'Let it go' mantra

Once you’ve established a good pace for this breathing technique, pair it with the mantra, 'Let it go.' Softly say these words in the back of your mind to help you release any stress and tension that may be weighing you down.⁠⁠

6. Wake up your body

Return back to the present moment by wiggling your fingers and toes and then gently opening your eyes.

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