Interview with Jenn Tardif

Interview with Jenn Tardif

Meet Jenn Tardif, aromatherapist, meditation teacher, and founder of 3rd Ritual, a company with modern tools for ancient techniques. 

What does a typical day in the life look like for you? How does it include CBD/Sweet Reason?

I begin each day with three serene hours of uninterrupted meditation, followed by a carefully balanced breakfast. No. Nope. Not even close. I have a toddler, and a business, and am struggling to keep my head above water like so many of us navigating this on-going pandemic. That said, my savior is the deep-knowing that simple can be sacred, so small acts like taking a walk around the block without my phone, fixing myself a botanical mocktail, or practicing a few rounds of alternate nostril breathing presently account for the bulk of my “self-care.”

Why did you start using CBD?

One word: Dusk — Gossamer’s all natural, cold pressed oil that you place under your tongue. It does wonders for my anxiety and insomnia without any next-day grogginess. 

What inspired you to start 3rd Ritual? 

After experiencing firsthand and witnessing time and time again the life-altering effects these teachings can have on our mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing, I made a commitment to share them with anyone curious enough to learn more. 

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned through the process of bringing 3rd Ritual to life?

Things that matter take time. 

What is the part of your morning that most positively impacts the rest of your day? 

Although it’s a whirlwind, spending time with my daughter each morning is the ultimate anchor to the present. She’s constantly reminding me to play.

How do you think mindfulness affects mental health?  

Mindfulness is the antidote to much of the self-imposed suffering we needlessly endure. When we find ourselves stuck in a story, worrying about the future or replaying the past, engaging with the present can anchor us back to all that is vs all that isn’t.

How would you describe a ritual and how it differs from a routine?

Routines are mundane whereas rituals create meaning. In routine, repetition leads to thoughtlessness. In ritual, repetition leads to refinement. Routines don’t require much thought. Whereas intention, reverence, and time are all necessary ingredients for ritual. 

Launching a company and a calm, quiet mind usually don’t go hand in hand. What were your go-to tips to handle stress? 

Hah! I love that you picked up on the hypocrisy of it all. To be honest, I have bouts that leave me feeling like the last person on earth who should be doling out advice on finding balance, but the days when that ever-elusive flow state does set in are almost always the same days when I’ve gotten out of my own way by remaining in service to something much larger than myself. 

What does unwinding look like for you? 

Putting the phone away, dimming the lights, taking a bath, lathering myself in Moon, and falling asleep while reading in bed.  

Mindful Tip? 

Be excellent to others, be patient with yourself. 

Best piece of advice you ever received? 

There’s always a 3rd way. 

Favorite ritual right now?

Massaging my tired feet with Earth

Currently inspired by?

Wintering by Katherine May

Top of your playlist?

Fast Car by Tracy Chapman 

Currently reading?

Wintering by Katherine May

Favorite Sweet Reason flavor?

Plum Blush!
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