Interview with DeJanae Evins

Interview with DeJanae Evins

Meet DeJanae Evins, Founder of Green Goddess Glow, an educational platform sparking culture-shifting conversations around cannabis and self-care.

Why did you start using CBD? 

Probably around the same time I started using THC. I'm an advocate for both CBD and whole plant medicine. But I'd say the moment I remember intentionally using CBD on it's own was when I bought a CBD olive oil to infuse food. These were definitely some of the best salads I've ever made. 

Social Stigma or Socially Acceptable? 

Socially acceptable, of course. Then again, it’s a privilege to have only known cannabis to be something that brings people together, easing stress and allowing one to rest in the present moment. 

How would you describe the role cannabis plays in your life? 

Cannabis is a master teacher. It’s taught me so much about myself and the natural world around me. It opened my eyes to the way that life could be experienced and deserves to be experienced—pleasurably and in its fullness. 

Tip for starting a business?

Be obsessive. I was listening to a podcast recently and Ryan Holiday, the author of the Daily Stoic, made a comment about loving what you do and being obsessed with being the best at it. Obviously the role of a business is to meet a need or bring something new and innovative to the market, but being really clear on your why is the first step. I think a healthy obsession is a good motivator. You want to know everything there is about your customers, your competitors, yourself, your story and how it resonates with others, and what makes your product or service stand a part. 

What inspired you to start Green Goddess Glow? 

I was inspired to start Green Goddess Glow after I discovered Whoopi Goldberg’s products. I wanted to tell everyone about them and so, instead of repeating myself over and over, I decided to make a YouTube channel. Then I realized that there’s a need for cannabis education beyond the superficial reviews and thus the platform was created.

You are on a mission to destigmatize cannabis use, especially for women. What are some of the big changes that need to happen in order to do so? 

There are no big changes that need to happen, other than nationwide legalization. There are only small changes that need to happen within each and every individual who wants to give CBD, or cannabis, a try. That requires a shift in perception, less judgement of yourself and others, less ego. When you’ve been given misinformation for a long time, it takes small gradual steps towards shifting that perspective and considering the possibilities of cannabis. 

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned through the process of bringing Green Goddess Glow to life?

Gratitude is a practice. Grace is always available to you. And everything can be accomplished with ease. In theory, each of these sounds simple but walking in disbelief and trusting these to be true, and to hold them true, have been of the utmost importance to me. 

How do you see your role shaping the current cannabis industry?

I just try to bring my experience and experiences of those that look like me, or can relate, to the forefront of the cannabis conversation. I’m mostly learning as many of us on our own journey with cannabis are. While also doing my part to contribute my love of storytelling to build brands. 

What is your perspective on the current state of the wellness industry?

It needs to be decolonized. I’m really excited to be having more conversations about what that looks like and how both POC and non-POC can play a role in doing that work.

DeJanae Evins

Favorite moment or memory from starting Green Goddess Glow? 

There's not a single moment I can think of. But every woman that I've met and admired, like Lauren of Black Girl In Om or Queen Afua, and women I've gotten to witness thrive into the fullness of their work like Brittany of The Idea Girl, Jenne of Sweet Potato Soul and countless others, serve as an inspiration. Green Goddess Glow was just a thought in my mind, a vision. And I can remember a time when all these women, whether directly or indirectly, encouraged me to envision something more.

What does unwinding look like for you? 

Rest, putting my phone on "do not disturb." Getting out into nature. 

Favorite evening ritual? 

I feel most settled and relaxed after a late afternoon bath. When owning the night, my favorite ritual is lighting nearly a dozen candles and practicing flame meditation, or Trataka.

Tip for cannabis newbies? 

Low and slow. Microdose! Microdose! Microdose! 

Mantra of the moment:

With gratitude. 

DeJanae Evins

What does self-care mean to you?  

Growing my own cannabis has become a sort of self-care ritual. I’m generally happier, less stressed. While cannabis itself is something I plant, water and nourish, I’ve learned as I was growing that I was also nourishing my mind, body and spirit. I was nourishing my mind by spending more time with my own thoughts, meditating as I shoveled dirt, planted seeds and watered the garden. I was appreciating my body by spending more time working in the yard, breathing fresh air and grounding. And the process fed me spiritually by allowing me to create space to be silent, deepen my relationship with Self and appreciate the beauty the world around me has to offer.  

 Lifestyle summed up in one sentence?

Warm, delicious, beautifully co-created and in flow. 

Mindful Tip?

Stay mindful.  

Launching a company and a calm, quiet mind usually don’t go hand in hand. What were your go-to tips to handle stress?

Self-care is a solo blunt, I say.  

Best piece of advice you ever received?

Fail fast. 

What does success mean to you?

Success to me is a combination of all my small victories, and my ability to celebrate the small wins. It’s exercising self-love and not measuring myself self-worth against external validations. This is absolutely something that I’m always working towards. Success is a choice, it’s a state of being, it’s a lifestyle. Success can only be measured by my commitment to be the very best version of myself, consistently. That’s true success. And it’s virtuous.

Brand you love?

Dame Body Butters + Scrubs

Currently inspired by?

Nature - always

Life hack of all life hacks?


Most played song right now?

C-side by Leon Bridges + Khruangbin

Favorite current read?

Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer

If you could grab lunch with one person who would it be?

Bae <3

Favorite Sweet Reason flavor? 

Cucumber Mint

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