Sweet Reason Mocktails

Sweet Reason Mocktails

2020 Jan 15th

Halfway through Dry January and getting distracted by the temptresses that go by the name of Cab Sauv and Sauv Blanc?

Enter your saving grace: Sweet Reason Mocktails made by our friends at  HiVi and Rachel Burkons

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A Tip From Rachel: This CBD mocktail is a veritable garden in the glass, bursting with a variety of botanical flavors, including citrus, lavender and rosemary. Of course, these are some of my favorite ingredients to use because they’re all rich in terpenes that are also present in cannabis: limonene (hello, citrus!), linalool (that’s lavender all the way!) and pinene (thank you, rosemary!). It also features one of my favorite mocktail ingredients, Seedlip Garden, a non-alcoholic distilled spirit that adds a nice complexity to the mouthfeel and subtle herbaceousness that help tease and lift the more subtle lavender and rosemary notes. I served this drink over edible flower-filled ice cubes, which you can make at home at least 24 hours before. They key there is to use distilled water to keep your cubes as clear as possible! I used chrysanthemums, but you can try a variety of other edible flowers to pretty up the glass.

A Tip From Rachel: Make a gorgeous pink ice ring using all natural ingredients – no food colors or dyes here! Certain varieties of apples – Pink Pearl, Coco Glow, or similar – naturally have pink flesh inside. Slice and arrange in a ring, adding some orange slices underneath the top layer. Add distilled water and freeze overnight.



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