Fall Chill Map: NYC

Fall Chill Map: NYC

Sweet Chats on 2019 Oct 25th

Not sure how to spend your weekend in the city?
Check out our NYC Chill Map.


45 West 21st Street

Ready to calm the mind? Grab a Sweet Reason before your meditation session.


555 West 24th Street

Chelsea is perfect for gallery hopping but the one you must visit is The Gagosian. Check out the Richard Serra exhibit until December 21st, 2019.


1145 Broadway

Need an excuse for another Sweet Reason? Relax your mind and body at Standard Dose, which specializes is plant-based wellness and has an amazing curation of CBD products.


434 6th Ave

Hot yoga not chill enough for you? Grab a Sweet Reason post sweat sesh to help cool off and stay hydrated!


154 West 10th Street

Pop into our favorite book store to grab a new fall read. May we suggest Lisa Taddeo's, Three Women?


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